About Me

Find me on Twitter at @tomgersic and LinkedIn at /in/tomgersic.

Tom Gersic is a respected industry leader who is responsible for strategic work with many of the world's largest and most well-known enterprise companies. His clients share a common goal in a desire to transform and reinvent themselves into leaner, more competitive organizations. Having run mobile, emerging technology, and R&D practices at Salesforce, Tom has helped business and technology leaders make investments that become the hallmark of their careers, changing the way people work and opening doorways to new business opportunities. He's a recognized thought leader, having presented often at conferences and events, and has spent time teaching at Northwestern University as an adjunct professor. Tom is an alum of Northwestern and ISU, and a lifelong musician, putting his talents to work with events raising funds for Wounded Warriors, The Mission Continues, and other great charities as a part of Salesforce's 1-1-1 model. Tom is a proud husband, father of three, baseball and basketball coach, scout leader, coffee connoisseur, avid reader, and builder of guitars.