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Welcome to the Gersic.com free audio plugin database, the largest online database of free audio plugins. We list nearly 2000 free VST plugins, free DirectX plugins, RTAS, AU, and more from developers all over the world.

There are tons of excellent audio plugins available for free on the Web. This database is an attempt to provide a useful index of them. New VST, DirectX, RTAS, and AU plugins are being added all the time, and you can submit your own favorite plugins using the "Submit Plugin" link above.

Recent Comments

#2950 by ronisageek
I'm really groov'in on the sequencer. I use Tuna Fish. No bug problems here.

#2949 by ronisageek
Transcender 2 has been upgraded to Transcender SE. The GUI is improved and there is now a trans gate. Great sound from very simple controls. Go to ronisageek.com/ mp3 download "Shadow and Light" to hear Transcener SE in action.

#2948 by ronisageek
I have been using Atlantis for over a year now. It sounds great of course. Don't let the amount of controls stop you from trying this. Each section has an independent Randomize control which makes finding your own fresh sounds very easy. Thank you Jeremy for offering this fine instrument for free!

#2842 by angel bulbhead
click on the word Choralozoide (in yellow) or the image. The link works fine.

#2780 by angel bobwood
scrub that; link don't work

#2779 by angel bobwood
it's here;
http://iliadis. orgfree.com/mis c.html

#2328 by zedisdead
Anyone have v1.0.15? Newer versions are apparently smearing transients. See this thread: http://forum.ve mberaudio.se/in dex.php/topic,2 424.0.html

#2288 by zedisdead
imo, sounds kinda lofi compared to Independence or sampletank free stuff

#2287 by zedisdead
aresome filters on this one. can make some fat wobbles

#2285 by zedisdead
love this one. elektrostudio stuff is really good. dunno why you dont have Micromoon(my favorite synth) listed here.

#1978 by dasoundjunkie
One of the single best tools I've ever used. Flexible as hell. Does things that I can't do with anything else. ;D

#1928 by angel bobwood
If you meant that you couldn't find the link, click on the picture.

#1927 by J Clen
This Looks like something I could really use
Im interested in trying this out

#1907 by guest
it's a commercial plugin

#1906 by Møerschbächer
Just Click on the Pictures to download them.

#1846 by djskope
Many thanks to Bobwood and Kreativt Darhus for the re-up. Looking forward to testing this! :)

#1845 by angel bobwood
With the permission of the developer, here is a link until further notice;
http://dl.dropb ox.com/u/328753 04/MajorSketchP ad_PC_VST.zip

#1844 by angel bobwood
it's near the top of the page !

#1843 by angel bobwood
did it end up here ?
http://antress. blogspot.com/
click on
>>> Download Here (v4.95)

#1842 by Møerschbächer
@ angel bobwood:

I went to the site...lots of cool pics, but no download links for them :(

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A recent forum post by tgersic:
That is all
4 Band Shifter by Janes Conference [Windows, VST] - #1204
FX, Pitch Shifter
4 Band Shifter is a VST Plugin that is able to scale (shift) independently the pitch of 4 adjacent, user-definable frequency bands. Plugin pitch-shifting code is based on Stephan M. Bernsee's article, Pitch Shifting Using Fourier Transform.

Plugin takes advantage of FFTW library in performing fast STFTs.
PWNED! By: blatanville, , shamanix, Yman, ziv1, H0m0Acedia, foetopsy82, KingCotton, nicojunior, sae, bob1234
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AFLUT by Jens [Windows, VST] - #656
FX, Pitch Shifter
This is a VST plugin to reduce flutter (pitch variations) from analog tapes caused by excentricity or dirt on the capstan axle (or to correct for any periodic pitch variations in audio material).
PWNED! By: Stiven, H0m0Acedia
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Autotalent by Oli Larkin [Win/Mac, AU/VST] - #2427
FX, Pitch Shifter
This is a VST/AU port of Tom Baran's open source pitch correction LADSPA plug-in. All credit goes to Tom for the algorithm. At the moment it is designed to be used on a mono track, if used on a stereo track, the left channel will be copied to the right.
PWNED! By: blatanville, H0m0Acedia, jallajalla72
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Choralozoide by Numerikart [Windows, VST] - #1218
FX, Pitch Shifter
Harmonizer, Autotuner, Voice doubler built for monophonic instruments, especially for voice
PWNED! By: blatanville, marksy2008, aymat, gtlee4, hitmanpros, Stiven, miechuliv
[147 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (3)
dblue TapeStop by dblue [Windows, VST] - #967
FX, Pitch Shifter
Tape stop like effect.
PWNED! By: blatanville, BroderYon, shamanix, pfunk
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Dirtsky by Andrew Burgess [Win,Mac, VST/AU] - #1361
FX, Pitch Shifter
dirtsky is a frickin' mess... on one side it's a grain-based mangler similar to gleck, but with more control. On the other side it's a 3 way harmonizer with independent pitch controls. You can set the wet/dry value of the effect in general and the amount of dirt and/or sky to your liking.
(requires Pluggo Runtime)
PWNED! By: marksy2008
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Fitchback2 by Stumm [Windows, VST] - #665
FX, Pitch Shifter
Note triggered Pitchshifter, with Dry/Wet mixing via ADSR's and a LFO w/ delay.
Note does not control pitch value, only triggers the pitchshifter and the ADSR/LFO/etc.
You won't hear any output from this plugin until you trigger it w/ any note.
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FlofiDeluxe by BetabugsAudio [Windows, VST] - #496
FX, Pitch Shifter
Pitchdestroying- frequencyshapeshiftinggraintool.
FloFi combines a filter with an octave pitch shift algorithm.
PWNED! By: blatanville
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GlitchBaker by Vjeran Salamon [Mac OSX UB, VST] - #1814
FX, Pitch Shifter
selfmodulated pitchshiftdelay effect made with MaxMSP (requires Pluggo Runtime)
PWNED! By: jorjee
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GSnap AutoTune by GVST [Windows, VST] - #6
FX, Pitch Shifter
GSnap is an auto-tune effect. It can be used subtly to correct the pitch of a vocal, or, with more extreme settings, to create a robot-voice effect.

For GSnap to work effectively, the input signal should be monophonic, at a good level and reasonably noise-free. For example, a clean, mono vocal recording, without excessive noise or reverb. Effect plug-ins should be placed after GSnap in the signal chain.
PWNED! By: arke, blatanville, MIDIManNI, , West, Moseph, pangrus, BroderYon, duckett, bitsmart, snez, , Drift33
[557 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (1)
KeroVee by g200kg [Win, VST] - #2411
FX, Pitch Shifter
KeroVee is a Pitch Correction plugin that works as a VST effect. You need to use KeroVee.dll with your VST compatible host application. ex) Cubase, Sonar,...

KeroVee is focused to so-called 'Autotune effect', that is robotic but different from the vocoder.

KeroVee can mix two independent transposed outputs of pitch-corrector and bypassed output.
PWNED! By: blatanville, snez
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MadShifta by SmartElectronix [Windows, VST] - #127
FX, Pitch Shifter
MadShifta does lo-fi pitch-shifting and mental feedback effects, with MIDI control over the pitch shifting.
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Mouse Family by Makunouchi Bento [Windows, VST] - #863
FX, Pitch Shifter
splits the sound in 4/8 bands and you can pitch them up/down.

* Morthimer Mouse = Mortimer Mouse + dry/wet on bands
* Ludwig Mouse = 8 band Mortimer Mouse
* Agatha Mouse = 8 band Minnie Mouse
* Digi Mouse = 4 band bit reducer
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Nibi by pOK [Win/Mac, VST] - #917
FX, Pitch Shifter
Random pitch bender with feedback delay..
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Octave Shifter 2 by Audiowish [Mac, AU] - #1636
FX, Pitch Shifter
Octave Shifter 2 is a free, real-time pitch shifting Audio Unit effect. Featuring four full octaves of pitch adjustment, low latency processing and automation support, Octave Shifter 2 will satisfy both your live and studio pitch shifting needs.

[24 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (0)
Piczer by JK Audio [Mac, VST/AU] - #403
FX, Pitch Shifter
Piczer is a crazy pitch change-distortion plug
[25 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (0)
Pitch Shifter by Robin Schmidt [Windows, VST] - #1939
FX, Pitch Shifter
Pitch Shifter is a plugIn to shift the pitch of an incoming audio signal. By mixing the pitch shifted signal with the original signal via the dry/wet control, basic detuning, octaving and harmonizing effects are also possible. This shifter is based on a delayline with two crossfaded read pointers. Such an architecture allows for feedback - and feedback gives the potential to rather drastic, weird special effects like monster-voices, flanger-like effects and more.
PWNED! By: blatanville, BroderYon
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Pitch-Shifter by Braindoc [Windows, VST] - #846
FX, Pitch Shifter
Pitch-Shifter is a plugIn for shifting the pitch of the input signal without affecting the overall length. Normally pitch and length of audio material are coupled - if you simply icrease the playback-tempo, the pitch raises and the length shortens. Pitch-Shifter uses a delayline-based granular algorithm to decouple the pitch from the length, so that the overall length of the signal will not be affected (which would not make much sense in a realtime-plugIn anyway)
PWNED! By: themoneyshot
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pitchfork by de la Mancha [Windows, VST] - #1075
FX, Pitch Shifter
pitchfork is a pitchshifter with random shifting in sync with your project tempo. You can get anything from mild and occasional variation to extreme and glitchy shifting
PWNED! By: MarsHottentot, synthgeek
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PITCHSLAP by Darkware [Windows, VST] - #119
FX, Pitch Shifter
Global pitch mutilator.
PWNED! By: MarsHottentot
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PitchWorx DX by DelayDots [Windows, DX] - #1214
FX, Pitch Shifter
The plug-in allow you adjust sample Pitch (while preserving sample length), Tempo (change sample length but preserve pitch) or change both Pitch and Tempo using post process high quality resampler (Speed) without preserving pitch and sample length.

Input parameters are: Pitch in semitones (cents) in range ± 4 octaves, Tempo in percents (in range 15..999 %), BPM or sample time in seconds, Speed in percents or semitones. For precise Tempo change and avoid artifacts an accuracy parameter is available. All parameters have two tweak modes: draft, where you able tweak parameters fast using GUI wheels and precise (calculator) mode, where you input precise values into edit boxes.
PWNED! By: Impalaboy, ideefixe
[32 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (2)
PShift by ConcreteFX [Windows, VST] - #921
FX, Pitch Shifter
pitch shifter type thing
PWNED! By: mana
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PVOC VST Plugins by Richard Dobson [Windows, VST] - #949
FX, Pitch Shifter
The plugins are based on programs from the CDP system , developed by Trevor Wishart.

They are all strictly mono only, so in Cubase VST, for example, they will have to be used as channel Inserts.
They have only been tested so far at the 44100 sample rate, and I fully expect them only to work at that rate. On a Pentium II 333MHz machine each plugin runs cleanly in real time, running around 40% to 50% CPU load. Your mileage may vary. There is no GUI - they use the default GUI provided by the host application.

PVACCU: spectral accumulation. The most extreme effect of the three! Applies feedback echo to each analysis channel, with the possibility also to apply a pitch glissando up or down. Echo is amplitude dependent, so this effect is most apparent when applied to percussive sounds, or any sound with distinct changes.

PVEXAG: exaggerates the spectrum. Positive exaggeration will emphasize spectral peaks, eventually becoming distinct pitches. Negative exaggeration flattens peaks, and larger values will effectively generate a granular noise. This can sometimes be effective for some percussive sounds, such as drum loops.

PVTRANSP: an unsophisticated pitch shifter, offering a range of one octave up and down. Really little more than a demo of the fact it can be done at all!
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RedShift by B.Serrano [Windows, VST] - #1588
FX, Pitch Shifter
Live audio pitch shifter

- 2 LFO host BPM syncable
- 1 16 steps sequencer
- Modulation matrix
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S p a t P i t c h 1 6 by AcousModules [Windows, VST] - #1169
FX, Pitch Shifter
Harmonizer :

- sixteen independant pitch shifters
- inertia setting for slow evolutions
Attention to the CPU power !
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ScratchDown by SoundFonts.it [Windows, VST] - #529
FX, Pitch Shifter
Simulates the effect given by a record stopped by hands.
PWNED! By: lionikas
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Scrubby by DFX [Windows, OSX, OS9, VST, AU] - #153
FX, Pitch Shifter
Scrubby goes zipping around through time. Speeding up or slowing down playback, moving backwards or forwards, Scrubby does whatever it takes to reach its destinations on time. If necessary, you can discipline Scrubby by using pitch constraint control, and of course you have a choice between robot mode and DJ mode.
PWNED! By: blatanville, synthgeek
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Shifter-Bank by Braindoc [Windows, VST] - #847
FX, Pitch Shifter
Shifter-Bank is a plugIn for the creation of several pitch-shifted versions of the input signal. With low shift-factors (in the range between a few cents and a semitone) you will get effects which are called "unison" in some synthsizers. The plugIn can therefore be used to create a "fatter" sound. With higher amounts of pitch-shifting, the effects remind me on effects used on TV to garble voices of persons who want to stay anonymous.
[9 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (0)
SlipperyKeys by laut&leise [Mac OS9/OSX, VST] - #545
FX, Pitch Shifter
fun with granular pitchshifting.
SlipperyKeys offers different glide ratios for left and right channel, and the automatable keyboard is the only way to set the pitch.
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Son Of A Pitch by Saltline [Windows, VST] - #1996
FX, Pitch Shifter
Son of a pitch is an audio pitch bend effect. The pitch of the incoming signal can be controlled by the pitch knob or by a sync to host LFO. The pitch knob ranges from +3 octaves to -3 octaves of the original pitch. The effect also features an LFO controlled filter section. There are 3 filters to choose from, 2 SV filters and a butterworth filter. The filter section can be bypassed sending the dry signal straight to the pitch bender.
PWNED! By: blatanville, aymat, Impalaboy
[107 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (1)
SoundTouch based Pitch Shifter by Christian Budde [Windows, VST] - #2154
FX, Pitch Shifter
Based on the famous SoundTouch library, this plugin allows you to pitch shift any audio material without wasting too much CPU cycles.
PWNED! By: blatanville
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Split Harmonizer by Christian Budde [Windows, VST] - #2155
FX, Pitch Shifter
Based on the famous SoundTouch library, this plugin allows you to detune, delay and mix two channels independently. Either Left/Right and Mid/Side processing is possible.
PWNED! By: blatanville
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Swoosh by PerspectiveSound [Windows, VST] - #1837
FX, Pitch Shifter
Recreate that late-70’s early 80’s drum sound of short delay and pitch shift. You could do this with routing on some hosts, but this is much quicker & easier to set up --- and Swoosh’s quick and dirty analog-style pitch shift component doesn’t have the overhead of formant-preserving, etc. algorithms that standard pitch shifters have.
PWNED! By: blatanville, MarsHottentot
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The Project by RunBeerRun [Win, VST] - #2008
FX, Pitch Shifter
The Project is an audio-triggered arpeggiator and detuner.
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Time Shift by Digidesign [Win/Mac OSX, RTAS] - #873
FX, Pitch Shifter
Time Shift is a free DigiRack™ AudioSuite™ plug-in that delivers high-quality time stretching and pitch shifting for all Digidesign® Pro Tools® and Avid DNA ™ systems. Equipped with four distinct algorithms, Time Shift lets you tailor the processing to different types of source material. Choose Polyphonic to change a guitar or keyboard performance, or a full mix. Select Monophonic if you’re altering vocals or solo instruments. Pick Rhythmic to compress or stretch a loop. Or use Varispeed when you’re converting the sample rate of an audio file.

Time Shift offers multichannel, multi-input phase-coherent processing so you can modify multi-tracked performances while maintaining the phase relationship between mics and tracks. With a wide range for stretching, compressing, and pitch-shifting, you can achieve anything from mild to extreme results. However you use it, Time Shift is an impressive addition to the free collection of DigiRack plug-ins included with all Digidesign Pro Tools and Avid® picture systems.
PWNED! By: marksy2008
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Transpitch by beniflip [Windows, VST] - #986
FX, Pitch Shifter
you can pitch up to 3 tones to the originial from -24 till +24 semitones.
NOTE: Requires Pluggo Runtime.
[10 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (0)
Tuna by JK Audio [Mac, VST/AU] - #407
FX, Pitch Shifter
Tuna is a guitar tuner..
PWNED! By: ayiE_gaLs, jorjee
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Tune It! by Tune It! [Win/Mac, VST/AU] - #1973
FX, Pitch Shifter
Tune It! is a piece of software that helps musicians to tune their instrument.

It can also be used to monitor the pitch during live performance.

Tune It! is based on a original and very accurate pitch detection algorithm. It can tune a wide range of instruments such as guitar, bass, piano, flute, violin, saxophone, etc...

Tune It! is available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

It can be ran as a standalone application or as a plugin within a VST or AU host.

Features :

Automatic note recognition from A-1 up to A6.

Programmable A440 reference from 400 to 480Hz (step of 1Hz or 0,1Hz).

Programmable Precision

The highest precision, the finest tuning.

The lower precision, the lower latency (suited for tuning control during live performance)

Very fine and precise tuning based on an original pitch detection algorithm.

Tune any instrument : guitar, bass, piano, synths, flute, sax, trumpet, stick, violin...

Available as a VST plugin for Windows (Cubase, Tracktion, Nuendo, Logic, Fruity Loops...).

Available as a VST plugin for Macosx (Cubase, Tracktion, Nuendo, Live, Peak...).

Available as an AU plugin for Macosx

Available as a standalone version on Macosx.
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VisualVox by Jonathan Schmid-Burgk [Windows, VST] - #1578
FX, Pitch Shifter
VisualVox VST is a free intonation correction VST Plugin. With it you can

- shift notes of a voice recording to perfect intonation
- fit a voice recording into rythm by stretching, cutting and moving parts of it
- fit a voice recording to another key with minimal pitch changes
- produce a perfect vibrato
- visualize how right or wrong you are singing
- create artificial polyphony from single voice recording
- draw frequency curves freely with your mouse
- let the VST plugin improve intonation automatically
PWNED! By: blatanville
[58 Digs] - Dig It | | Comments (5)