Preparation P Prepared Piano VSTi

Click here to download Preparation P (28.9MB Windows .zip)

Download the prepared piano sample set (130MB .zip of .wav files)

Preparation P is a VSTi collection of 61 high quality prepared piano samples. All of these samples were recorded by Tom Gersic on a baby-grand piano, and include a variety of strummed strings, plucked strings, and many other sounds of various objects lodged in the strings. Each sample can be tuned individually, and you can also adjust the attack, decay, sustain, and release characteristics of the sound by using the envelope controls. Preparation P is free, but you're welcome to make a donation if you like by following the paypal link.

Prepared Piano Sample Set

If you would like to download the entire 130MB Prepared Piano sample set, it's available for the low price of $10, payable via PayPal. The sample set includes 164 high quality 24-bit 48kHz samples in .wav format. That's 103 more samples than you get in Preparation P! Click here for more information.